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A Woman's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Favorite Waters : In the United States
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A Woman's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Favorite Waters
Author: Yvonne Graham, (David Banks, Jeff Cavander [eds.], Pete Chadwell [ill.])

"Forty well known women fly anglers describe their favorite fly fishing waters all around the United States. Descriptions include best times to fish, directions to the best water, and recommended flies."

Northern Waters
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Northern Waters
Author: Jan Zita Grover

"A collection of essays on fly fishing and the natural world from a woman who declares that fly fishing was not a religion in her family."

Fly Tying Tools and Materials
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Fly Tying Tools and Materials
Author: Jacqueline Wakeford (David Hawker, photos)

"A 'must have' book for all fly tyers. Lots and lots of information and resources here."

Reading the Water
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Reading the Water
Author: Dave Hughes

"Solid information on one of the most basic elements of fly fishing sucess. Hughes gives great information on topics such as recognizing empty water and fishing along the banks."

Bass on the Fly
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Bass on the Fly
Authors: A. D. Livingston, Nick Lyons

"An excellent primer on flyfishing for bass. Includes examples of successful bass flies and how to fish them. There's more to flyfishing than just trout!!"

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--Previous Picks--

  • Reel Women: The World of Women Who Fish
    Author: Lyla Foggia

    "Portraits of important women in the fishing world that most of us had never heard of until Foggia enlightened us. A delightful celebration of women and fishing."

  • Joan Wulff’s Fly Fishing: Expert Advice From A Woman’s Perspective
    Author: Joan Salvato Wulff

    "The best known woman fly fisher provides you with a wealth of information about fly fishing and casting."

  • Cathy Beck’s Fly-Fishing Handbook
    Author: Cathy Beck

    "An excellent resource for the female fly fisher. Lots of good illustrations."

  • Fly Tying
    Author: Helen Shaw

    "One of the originals and still one of the best."

  • Float Tube Magic
    Author: Patricia Pothier

    " A good introduction to fly fishing from a float tube."

  • Flies For Alaska
    Author: Anthony J. Route

    "Everyone planning a fishing trip to Alaska should buy this book. Tony's insights into Alaskan fish and their preferred patterns are invaluable."

  • Loughs of Ireland: An Angler's Guide 3rd Edition
    Author: Peter O'Reilly

    "Peter O'Reilly's books are both beautiful and informative. Besides great fishing info, also contains travel info such as addresses and phone numbers of local clubs and tackle shops."

  • Rivers of Ireland: An Angler's Guide, 4th Edition
    Author: Peter O'Reilly

    "Another title from Peter O'reilly. If these don't make you want to flyfish Ireland, nothing will!"

  • Trout & Salmon Flies of Wales
    Author: Moc Morgan

    "Indispensable for flyfishers touring the British Isles or collectors of international fly fishing titles."

  • New Zealand's Top Trout Fishing Waters
    Authors: John Kent, Patti Magnano Madsen, Madsen Kent

    "This practical, compact guide gives detailed information on where and when to go, what tackle and flies to use, what clothing to bring, and where to find a reliable guide."

  • Trout Flies: The Tier's Reference
    Author: Dave Hughes

    "Features 1,445 color photos and explicit captions that draw upon the author's vast and varied experience."

  • Drift Boat Strategies : Rowing & Fishing Skills for the Western Angler
    Author: Neale Streeks, (Rod Walinchus Illustrator)

    "The definitive authority on drift boat fly fishing. Contains casting methods and tips that are particularly effective while drifting as well as advice on selecting a guide, positioning the boat for casting, and much more."

  • Lake Fishing With a Fly
    Author: Randall Kaufmann

    "Still the authoritative reference for those of us who fish still waters. Effective methods, flies, and skills for the difficult task of reading still waters are all included. A must have for the lake angler."

  • Fly Casting
    Authors: Jim Schollmeyer, Frank Amato

    "A beautifully photographed little book of casting. Amato demonstrates casts from the basic to specialty. Some great tips on presentation are also included."

  • Essential Fly Fishing
    Author: Tom Meade (John Robert White, Illustrator)

    "A very well done introductory book that describes the essence of fly fishing in clear and undersandable terms. The gorgeous water color illustrations by Bob White, are the frosting on the cake."

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