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We know you have questions - read our F.A.Q's for answers to the most commonly asked questions about women's fishing in Alaska with Women's Flyfishing

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to tie flies1. Can a woman come by herself on one of your trips?

Yes, definitely. Women enjoy coming on a trip with a friend, but that’s not always possible, so lots of women come alone. You will be traveling and fishing with a small group of other women during our trips and schools so you have the opportunity to meet other women from different areas who also enjoy fly fishing.


2. Is it safe to travel to Alaska alone?Fishing in Alaska

Yes, traveling to Alaska is no different than traveling any where else in the US.  We can help with some of your trip planning and recommend hotels, B&B’s and things to do and see, always with your safety in mind.


3. I am a complete beginner at fly fishing. Can I come on your trips?

Absolutely! We offer a fly fishing school for women each year to help you get started. We welcome beginners on all of our trips, however. Even without having taken a lesson or class, we’ll show you what you need to know to catch fish on each trip. “We specialize in beginners!”


4. What if I don’t have any flyfishing equipment or gear?

No problem. We provide all the rods, reels, lines and flies for all of our trips. We are unable to provide waders and boots due to the State of Alaska's ban on felt soles wading boots, but can help you to locate and purchase the chest waders and boots you need for the trip you will be taking.That way we know that you have the right equipment for each species of fish that we are after.


Talstar Lodge - fishing school5. Is all the fishing on your trips catch and release, or can I ever keep fish that I catch?

We do not kill wild rainbows or arctic grayling. We will help you to keep some salmon to take home on most of our trips though, as long as it it is safe to do so and if preservation is possible.


6. Do you lead every trip, Pudge?

Yes, I lead every trip. There is, on occasion, a second guide accompanying me to assist with larger groups or with the demands of a particular trip.


We provide all the gear, equipment and flies7. When we are on a trip will we encounter wild animals?

Yes, we often see moose, eagles, fox, beavers, bears, and many species of birds. We will help you learn how to behave and stay safe during  these exciting encounters so that they can be truly enjoyable. Wildlife sightings are one of the best parts of the Alaska experience.


8. What if I have my period when we are in the wilderness or around wild animals?

You do not need to stay home for fear of having your menstrual period when on one or our fishing trips. We recommend tampon use rather than menstrual pads for easy disposal, and being part of a group helps to mask any resulting odor. Being part of a group while in the wilderness is an important part of everyone’s safety. We fish together as a group and no one wanders off by themselves.


9. Will I share a room or cabin with other women while on the trip?

Generally, yes. It depends on the trip. On a couple of the trips it is possible for us to arrange for single rooms, but trip costs are based on shared accommodations and a single supplement will apply.


Rainbow Heaven 200610. How many people are on each trip?

That depends on the trip. Generally, four to six people are on each trip. We can, however, make arrangements for groups somewhat larger than that in some situations.  


11. Can male/female couples come on trips?

Yes, some of the trips have sleeping accommodations which make us able to offer that trip for couples as well as women. Our published trip schedule includes that information. With very few exceptions, we do not take men by themselves on our trips. Our fly fishing schools are always women-only, however.


12. Can our group make arrangements for a trip just for us?

Yes, often a group of women who travel together like to have a trip just for them. We can plan such a trip during our fall schedule planning, or a group can book an advertised trip just for themselves (if space is available and numbers are appropriate).


Have another question? E-mail us at pudge@womensflyfishing.net or call us at (907) 274-7113.